Release of CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2

Sunday, Feb 24

CNFSimulator V4.2 is the newest roll-out from the CnTech factory to the world of commercial aviation. This new version of Airbus A320 simulator enhances the domination established by the CNFSimulator Flight Simulator (FTD) in flight training industry.

Figure 1- A Fully Fledged CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 Simulator in Action.

Independent research and development efforts carried out by our engineers and designers are well-utilized in this newest version: CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2. Through the experience gained working with thousands of customers covering every part of the globe, we understood that a one-stop solution with excellent after sales support would be the win-win solution for us as a company and for you as our customers.

A Fully Fledged CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 Simulator in Action.

Thereby, we come up with a specially crafted hardware and software solution to address all requirements in the flight training industry from the CNFSimulator V4.2. Strick adherence to the industry standards from FNPT II and CAAC for a level 5 simulator makes it perfectly compatible for any training organization where training is carried out for A320 aircraft.

Coequal Cockpit with Real World A320 Cockpit.

Coequal Cockpit with Real World A320 cockpit.

Let’s dig deep in to the facts and see the integrity of CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2. New generation flight model software suite offers you more complete and versatile solutions to extend the training experience to the next level. Newly added failure and emergency options help to cover each and every emergency situation where a pilot could face in his real life endeavors. With the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies such as Controller Area Networking (CAN) and digital I/O, CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 has achieved an extra level of accuracy and reliability over the traditional USB utilized simulators. One of the foremost feature in CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 is, the perfect imitation of real world aircraft cockpit in all aspects. Interior panels and windows of the simulator are perfectly matched with the real world sizes to create a more realistic situation. 4K visual system with high immersion displays are used for front windshields and side windows that creates vivid Out-The-Window (OTW) depictions which increases the realistic experience of the training pilots.

Apart from technological advancements discussed so far, attention has given to enhance the comfort of the simulator. An air fresh system has incorporated in to the simulator to keep the atmosphere within the simulator fresh and up to the required temperature. This uplifts the comfort within the stay and adds a presence feeling that could ultimately increments the training effectivity. Soft lights installed within the cockpit enhance the visibility and can be lit whenever necessary to take extra notes or to highlight special areas of the instrument panels.

As we consider customer support as our responsibility, we are providing expedited remote technical support for the customers within one hour during China day time.

CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 Simulator Structure Design

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