CNFSimulator.B737, which is the newest simulator model rolled-out from the CnTech family. We are proud to announce the CNFSimulator.B737 at a stage where it is at its best, making a difference in the flight training industry. As same as the CNFSimulator.A320, CNFSimulator.B737 is a result of extensive research and development efforts carried out through years by our hard working employees. Cutting-edge technology in our manufacturing plants and in-depth analysis carried out by our designers made the CNFSimulator.B737 a reality, even with supreme standards. CCAR-60/ FAR-PART-60 standards were taken as the basement for the design, but not limiting to those basic standards, we have improved the simulator even above those industry standards. Prowess gained from the designing, and aftermath feedbacks from the users of CNFSimulator.A320, we have improved the flight control software, vision system and electro-mechanical system integrated to the CNFSimulator.B737.

CNFSimulator.B737 Key Features:

  • Maintenance packet authorized by aircraft manufacturers
  • Touchable CNIO Station (WIFI)
  • 1:1 Flight Cockpit
  • 3D HD views of worldwide 2500 airports/runways/buildings
  • Professional data management software
  • Precision force rudder pedal
  • Jeppesen navigation data
  • 200 real-time weather/machine fault/special flight training
  • 3D Stereo system
  • ISO9001 international quality authentication

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