CNFSimulator.A320 which is the newest roll-out from the CnTech technologies making a revolution in the flight training industry. Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer or more popularly known as FNPT are the instruments which are used to train the pilots for a specific aircraft or an aircraft family. EASA as the governing body for flight training in most European Union countries, a set of standards is imposed on the FNPT instruments. CNFSimulator.A320 which is specifically designed and manufactured for the FNPTⅡstandards can render the results expected even beyond other FNPT instruments.

Our engineers in the research and development department have taken tremendous efforts to augment the cockpit controls equivalent to a real-world aircraft. Control input’s forces and travel ranges are perfectly matched with the A320 aircraft. High-end features such as roll due to yaw and features required to Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) are also included within the CNFSimulator.A320, making it one of the advanced FNPTⅡinstrument in the world.

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