CnTech has made our customers aware that we have just released version 5.8 of iFSim® A32.

Our development team have worked hard on the new versions to incorporate many exciting new features and additions which have greatly improved the performance of CNFSimulator.A32 flight simulator.

New features in V5.8:

— New MCDU with a stable navigation core;

— Updatable navigation database;

Fix some bugs:

— Fix unsync issue of MCDU;

For a list of all changes to these new versions, please click below:



— Verified engineering data of high level simulator in V5.8.

— Adjustable FDM and QTG system with customer data.

— More realistic feeling with rudder control, flaps control and engine out situation.



— New MCDU with stable iFSimNav reach ARINC specification.

— New A320 performance data for realistic prediction.

— Two individual MCDU and full failures of FMGC is in progress.

— Updatable navigation database.


(Navigation database cycle 2005)                                              (A320-214 CLB phase performance)


New ND(Route)

— Flyable route and prediction pseudo point.

— Full navigation system including ILS, VOR and NDB with corrected deviation bar for approach training.

— Turn arc algorithm base of database is in progress.

(Route demo)

ATA System

— Improve go around phase training, including FMA, go around route and autopilot.

— More comfortable IOS control panel and ATA freeze system.

— Add the date switching to the clock beside the CP ND.

— Improve about 30 tiny parts of ATA system.

— More update detail, please check the release note of iFSimA32 ATA.


Features in progress

— CMS will be launched in next version (V5.9 2020). CMS is the power maintenance tool for customer, including the hardware test, control calibration, maintenance guide and so on. Reducing the time and cost of maintaining for customer is the goal of CMS.

— Review system will come in next two or three version. All the system status and student’s behavior can be recorded and reviewed offline with INS and analyzing system.

If you would like to upgrade to this latest version, please do get in contact with us to discuss upgrade possibilities or with any questions about these new releases.


Tel: +86 18817570024

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