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Who Are We?

CnTech, a flagship simulation company manufacturing turn-key flight simulators for the customers all over the globe. Virtual simulation and flight simulation is the prime concern and advanced software and hardware are designed for the simulations by the company itself. CnTech is a Chinese manufacture who has ensured its position in the regional market while enhancing the global footprint. A work force exceeding 100, and more than half of the company staff is engineers who has mastered; aerodynamics, aviation theory, avionics, electronics, programming and machinery design.

What are We Good At?

The prowess gained through hundreds of projects and expertise gained from many research and development initiatives, made us stand above the others in aviation training industry. Beacuse Designing the best software to run the simulator comes along with the first few primary requirements and CnTech runs an extra mile for you in case of software and hardware. So We put a significant effort to make these two parts to the highest standards as it decides the quality of the training. Except for the quality and integrity of products, extreme care offered for the new and recurrent customers has become a driving force that attracts and holds customers towards the CnTech.

Our Presence in the Industry

Presence of the CnTech in the aviation training industry escalated in a brisk pace and ranked as a top contributor with no time. A series of flagship simulators including A320, B737, C919, IL-76, F-35, Su-25, Cessna172 and Bell206 were designed and developed according to the industry standards along with other customized models. Product diversity under the CnTech wing boasts our excellence and ability, backed by our customer feedbacks; which are always encouraging and recommending. Becuase We are willing to engage in new designs for any upcoming aircraft models as well. But Within a short period of time, CnTech has established its footprint in the domestic market with a solid customer base. Flight simulators for the training of Chinese state-owned aerospace manufacturer, So Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd.

 (COMAC) is provided by the CnTech. Other users such as Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), CPLA air force, and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, are among the list of business users of the company. So Hundreds of research institutes and college users are also working with CnTech to fulfil their simulation requirements. Our plans to expand globally will increment the domestic footprint and ensure the domination in the local market.

Why us

There are hundreds of reasons to land in CnTech as your win-win solution for simulation requirements. But to make things clear, will dig in to some facts regarding the CnTech. We at CnTech prefer quality over quantity and our well-qualified staff continuously updating with the newest trends in the industry. But Our set of engineers who have accumulated unmatched experience and knowledge in the industry, design the flight simulator systems which are continuously monitored and evaluated for the right standards by more than 10 pilots in the consultancy team. So With such an extra level of integrity, we leave no room for any error in our designs.


Larry Liang
Jeason Y
  • Born in 1979,master degree of dynamics.
  • Studied in Harbin Engineering University and gained bachelor degree of mathematics.
  • Studied in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and gained master degree of dynamics.
  • Studied and worked in Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and gained master degree of aircraft design (research direction: dynamics simulation).
  • Researcher of simulation program of “ShenZhou Five Manned Spaceship” made by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
  • More than ten yeas experience in researching aircraft simulation and industrialization.
  • Finish multiple consulting project of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd and so on.
  • Mastered core technology of aircraft numerical simulation and well-experienced in R&D management.

  • Born in 1980,master degree and senior engineer of aerospace electronics and control.
  • Studied in Harbin Institute of Technology and gained bachelor degree of electronic engineering.
  • Studied in Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and gained master degree of aircraft design (research direction: aerospace electronics and control).
  • Chief engineer of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
  • Designed and developed mechanics and electronics system for Shenzhou spaceship series and Chang’E1 circumlunar satellite project of lunar exploration project.
  • Long-term participation of aerospace manned spaceship project, lunar exploration project and other national aerospace key project, in which act as chief engineer of dynamics and control technology.
  • Well-experience in high complexity system development and project management.
  • Gained “The third prize of national science and technology progress” and “the first prize of Shanghai science and technology progress”.

Dr. Bin Wu

Chief Scientist

Yulin Shi
Senior Engineer
Prof. Pengnian Tong
Flight Simulator Expert
  • PHD of large engineering structure reliability and instructor of post-doctor.
  • Selected by “The hundred recruitment program of global experts ” of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC).
  • Studied in National University of Defence Technology, China. Computer software major.
  • Studied in The University of Sheffield, England. Human-computer interaction security engineering major.
  • Studied in The University of Cambridge, England and obtained PHD of large engineering structure reliability.
  • Worked for The 60th institute of the General staff of the Chinese people’s liberation army(CPLA).
  • Worked for COMBridge Technology Ltd, England.
  • Worked for Beijing Civil Aviation Technology Research Center of COMAC as the director of numerical simulation laboratory and manager of CR929 IPT.
  • Research area: Aricraft design and mechnical design theory.
  • Studied in Tsinghua University and gained degree in Electric Engineering.
  • Worded in avionic mechatronic system R&D department in AVIC.
  • Certified international senior mechanical engineer.
  • Mastered in aircraft power system design.
  • Obtained patent of a particular aircraft engine part design.
  • First air force simulation professor in Aviation University Air Force.
  • Attended multiple Chinese air force key projects as a manager and key researcher– Obtained more than 6 national prizes, including first prize for scientific and technology progress in army.
  • Under list of government specialists’ benefits.<
  • Worked as magazine editor of “Flight Simulation”.
  • Committee member of China system simulation committee.

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