The WLA Forum with the theme of “Science and Technology, for the Common Destiny of Mankind” was officially opened on 29 October at the Dishuihu Lake in Lingang, Shanghai. The international laureates participating in the forum include 26 Nobel laureates, as well as world-renowned academic awards winners of the Wolf Prize, Lasker Award, Turing Award, and MacArthur Fellowship, covering major scientific research fields such as chemistry, physics, medicine, and computer science.

CnTech was invited to attend the WLA—-black hole and aerospace technology. Listening to cutting-edge technology reports from top scientists, discussing about aviation research results with aviation’s “superbrain”. During the form, the eight Nobel Prize winners in physics delivered speeches covering cutting-edge technologies in the space field such as black hole discovery, aerospace, dark matter, quantum entanglement, cosmic acceleration and quantum satellite, exploring the unknown space field and the innovative future of the space industry. The eight Nobel Prize winner is: Frank Wilczek, David Gross, Duncan Haldane, Joseph Taylor, Adam Riess, Serge Haroche, George Smoot III, Sheldon Lee Glashow.

CnTech was invited to attend the WLA 2nd Annual Forum

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