CNFSimulator.R22/R44(Robinson R22/R44)

CNFSimulator.R22/R44(Robinson R22/R44)


> Three channel 1080P HD vision system, that has an180 ゜level and an adjustable 40゜up and down.

> SRS 3D stereo sound system with a realistic simulated aircraft, environment and ATC.

> ISO9001 approves of the perfect quality control, high reliability and also.

> There is a instructor station and it supports touchscreen tablet operations along with many other modes such as WIFI.

> It contains 2500 airports, runways, architecture and other information gathered from cities around the globe along with high quality 3D.

> 1:1 life size industrial quality design on the interior and exterior to simulate the cockpit of the aircraft to be as realistic as.

> There are more than 1000 real-time flight data collections stored and analyzed within the professional datamanagement.

> 40 fully functional mechanical aircraft switches, indicator lights and instrumental.

> Accurate, force-feeling, all metal dual linked yoke, collective pitch stick and rudder.

> Advanced Garmin avionics, and configured with Jeppesen navigation data.

> There are over 200 types of realistic weather, failures and special flight training with various.

> It fulfills the CCAR61 or CCAR141 training standard requirements, it is primarily used to train private helicopter pilots, but it can also be used by business helicopter pilots, aerial photography and surveying and mapping.

> There are professional gyrocopter flight simulator software and flight data, a 1:1 scale life size hardware configuration, a wide viewing landscape system, which completely suits the gyrocopter training requirements for aircraft.

> Ascalable integrated Instrument Display System, a motion platform system, with requirements that meet the AATD/BITD, IPT and FFS requirements, achieving full mission training.

*The price is FOB

*Customer can only purchase CNFSimulator.R22 Basic Version as well.

*CNFSimulator.R22 Basic Version is an economic R22 simulator without shells and projection visual system but with a visual system of three

screens. There is no doubt it functions like a normal simulator.


Cockpit Platform with cockpit shell.




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