CNFSimulator.EDU COMAC narrow-body twinjet airline

Flight Simulator

CNFSimulator.EDU COMAC narrow-body twinjet airliner is an aviation science and technology education simulator developed by CnTech.This flight simulator adopts CnTech’s advanced flight control software, graphics system and electromechanical integration system, and makes appropriate adjustments to the flight simulator based on the characteristics and needs of popular science education, so as to make it more suitable for young users.The CNFSimulator.EDU flight simulator can achieve high precision flight simulation of COMAC narrow-body twinjet airliner, providing realistic visual and auditory effects, giving customers an immersive flight simulation experience while improving aviation basic knowledge and skills.

CNFSimulator.EDU flight simulator provide customers who are in needs of aviation science education with a low-cost, high reliability, real sense of control flight education simulator, it is the best choice for science and technology museums, schools. CnTech can also customized expansion for customers, such as customized teaching program, customized airport, real-time schematic diagram of aircraft system, personalized IOS interface and other functions.

CNFSimulator.EDU flight simulator

CNFSimulator.EDU flight simulator functions

  • Same cockpit layout as real aircraft, advanced integrated instrument display system

  • Aerodynamic modeling and kinematics simulation based on Subsonicturbofan aircraft

  • High definition vision system

  • Large number of global airport data

  • Easily operate IOS, functions can be extended

  • Low maintenance and operating costs

CNFSimulator.EDU flight simulator

Training Courses

  • Preparation for flight/preflight

  • Take off/Climb/Cruise/Descent

  • Aerial maneuver

  • Ferry/ Enroute

  • Visual Approach/ Landing/ Go Around

  • Landing/ Parking


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