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CAAC FTD Level 5, the FAA FTD Level 5 and EASA FNPT Ⅱ










CNFSimulator, one of the most trusted Flight Training Device (FTD) by the pilot training institutes all around the globe. Hundreds of satisfied users of the CNFSimulator.A320 V3.5 made us to keep one step forward to come up with a more advanced version of the A320 CNFSimulator. Version 4.2 of the CNFSimulator is the enhanced version of the old version: V3.5. It comes with a bunch of added features that make it one of the sophisticated FTD in the market. State-of-the-art technology used in designing and manufacturing processes improves the integrity of our simulators and the build quality. We have found that new airlines who are starting their own flight training centers have purchased the CNFSimulator in most cases. Minimal effort during the installation of the instrument and assistance offered by the CnTech crew made it user friendly for the customers from the first place.

According to the IATA, in 2017, 3.2 billion passengers have travelled through air and this figure is predicted to be escalated up to 4.8 billion in year 2027. Hence, upcoming decade is a quite busy period for the world’s commercial aviation partners including pilot training institutes all around the world.

Large percentage of the customers are coming from Middle East region. Aviation within the Middle East region escalated in a historically brisk-pace and they will be facing a huge requirement of pilots in the upcoming years. Middle East and African regions will need more than 30,000 pilots in the upcoming 10 years. Apart from the requirement of pilots, new airlines should evolve to accommodate the increasing passenger demand for the aviation sector. As new airlines are evolving, more pilots should be trained to cater the demand. So hence, more pilot training institutes should be established within the region and airlines should take actions to train pilots for their expanding fleets.

As more flight training institutes evolved in the recent years in large numbers and more to come in the upcoming years, maintaining the quality of the training will be the key factor that decides the profitability of a flight training institute. Special adherence paid towards Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when designing our flight simulators raise us above our competitors and make us the win-win solution for any kind of training requirement. Special hardware and software used in our simulators delivering the best experience to the cadet pilots who will be flying real world aircraft. We have taken the responsibility of the training effectivity as flying a commercial carrier is never an easy task. Each and every measure is taken to enhance the training effectivity of the cadet pilots. 

Every single simulator is tested by our consultancy team which consists with 10 commercial pilots who pose extensive experience in captaining A320 jets. We invite our customers to experience the simulators before the purchase and we will be doing the needed arrangements for you.

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