CNFSimulator.B737 Structural components

Rudder Pedal

    CNFSimulator.B737 Rudder Pedals for CNFSimulator Boeing B737 flight simulator is a high fidelity replica of real B737 rudder pedal. It is designed as a device requiring to replicate that real airliner feel via our spring control loading system. CNFSimulator.B737 Rudder Pedals are manufactured with stainless steel and precise machined metal with powder coated finish. Furthermore, it uses USB to connect normal PC and dual-linked function is also designed. It has been through high frequency test and is believed as a set of reliable device.

    • Single Side also available
    • Cast Metal Foot Pedals
    • Laser-cut Metal Structure
    • No Platform Required ( Put On Floor Directly)
    • Spring Loaded Design Makes Position Adjustable
    • Dual-linked Design 
    • USB Included And Prewired
    • Functional Differential Brake
    • Functional Foot Rests With Rubber Inlays


    The CNFSimulator.B737 Yokes for CNFSimulator Boeing B737 flight simulator are the replicas of real B737 yokes and its real feeling is simulated through some servo motors and mechanical systems. The frame of it base is completely build in stainless steel and the link bar is built by really strong structures. Steel bevel gears ensures yoke transmission through and the internal parts are painted in yellow-green primer, and the visible parts are painted in Boeing gray. Besides, yokes are 3D-printed in resin and fiber. Our yokes includes A/P disconnect switch, trim switches and P/T switch and its smooth movements allowed by bearings on all their axes. It’s acetal gears gives to the data system a good and reliable connection to the pots. Furthermore, Motors, control card, feel force system cards, power source, pots and even wiring are included.

    Throttle Quadrant

    The CNFSimulator.B737 throttle quadrant for CNFSimulator Boeing B737 flight simulator is a full metal version of the B737 TQ (drivers can be arranged), with independent Engine levers including ENG1 & ENG2. It also designed with independent reverse and speed brake lever with ARM position. It owns 9 positions flaps lever, A/T disengage buttons, TOGA buttons, horn cutout and Park brake lever with feedback red light as well, which make it a high lever sim components and more valuable to a simbuilder.

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