CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 in Airshow China

Wednesday, Mar 13

China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition or more popularly known as Airshow China is the leading airshow in China that showcases So the elegance of Chinese aviation and aerospace manufacturers to the world. Each and every reputed Chinese manufacture receives a slot to showcase their products to the visitors, so hence, CnTech as an annual contributor to the airshow took part in the 2018 event as well. But Our newest roll-out,

Version 4.2 of the Airbus A320 CNFSimulator was a key attractant in the airshow that made long queues in front of our stall. Because Commercial pilots who are currently flying A320s, so student pilots who are willing to experience a hands on in an A320 aircraft and other aviation personnel who were eager to fly the A320 CNFSimulator swarmed to our stall and waited for their chance impatiently.

CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 Ready for the Actions in Airshow.

Once they were in the cockpit, no one intended to leave the cockpit. 4K visual systems incorporated in to the windshields and side windows that generate vivid Out-The-Window (OTW) depictions, captivated the visitors and gave them a realistic experience as same as real word flying. What makes us encouraging and motivating as CnTech is, real world pilots enjoying our CNFSimulator. They were impressed from the build quality and fidelity of the simulator with the real world cockpits. But Their positive comments on our simulators boast our excellence and fidelity to the audience and to ourselves.

Long Queues Formed In Front of our Stall

Apart from the individuals, institutes and organizations such as flight schools and air forces from different countries tested the simulator and what they convinced was CNFSimulator has gone beyond the industry Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when designing and manufacturing the simulator. So They added that, apart from the hardware part, software incorporated in to the simulator was in par with the world’s best simulators.

Because As we were flooded with an immense footfall, we had to operate our simulators for more than 10 hours at a stretch during the each day of the airshow:  So 6 days at a row! We were glad that we didn’t come upon with a single error or a malfunction even the simulators were tested to the extreme limits.

Due to the extreme attention received from the audience, we were interviewed by Zhuhai TV and it was a great opportunity to boast our excellence to the world with convincing testimonies in the background. We believe that, through the TV show, we have attracted a significant number of potential buyers who are willing to upgrade their training instruments to the next level. As we are a company who runs an extra mile for the quality of our products, we have given an imperative consideration to the standards of our flight simulators. So Flight Navigation and Procedure Trainer (FNPT) level II is our standard reference and our engineers have gone beyond the industry expectations when designing and manufacturing the simulators. As per the users of our simulator including commercial pilots and pilot training organizations, we will be getting the FNPT II authorization in near future.

CnTech Crew with Zhuhai TV Presenter.

Zhuhai TV Presenter Explains About the CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2

What we have concluded form the feedbacks of users in the Airshow is, we have received, what we are deserved! All the positive and impressive comments we received were the results of immense research and development efforts of our engineers and the excellence we followed during out designing and manufacturing stages.

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