CnTech sold one unit of CNFSimulator.A320 to the Xianyang city public cultural center. The flight simulator was sold to the cultural center on request of the officials and they are expecting to utilize the CNFSimulator.A320 to educate people as well as students who are interested in aviation. Xianyang city public cultural center is homed for myriads of state-of-the-art instruments manufactured in China by the Chinese companies and other innovative products manufactured overseas. Cultural center has been a fountain of knowledge for the people and students. Anyone can experience the instruments in the cultural center and gain knowledge as well as experience.

By placing one of the newest and technologically advanced flight simulator in the cultural center with access to the general public will be a huge asset for the visitors. They can fly the flight simulator which gives the same feeling as flying a real-world Airbus A320 aircraft. Students will be heavily benefited with this installation, as they are getting the chance free of charge to fly and experience a flight simulator where it costs few hundred dollars in other places.


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