CnTech is an international High-Tech company which is located in Shanghai, China and listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotation. CnTech specializes in advanced simulation technology, independent research and is professional development specialist in the flight simulator industry. We have a work force exceeding 100, most of whom mastered aerodynamics, aviation theory, avionics, electronics, programming and machinery design and provide services to aerospace, aviation, defense, military, educational and training fields at the global level.

We have developed from software to hardware and possess 100% intellectual property of our flight simulator series product CNFSimulator. It has variety type, including A320, B737, Cessna172, Bell206, R22/44, illusion 76 and we accept customization order of new type simulator as well. We are proud of our after sales service and tech-support team who works over 80 hours working time per week and accept many social media, such as Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and so on. Furthermore, we are tirelessly generating new ideas in research and development and never cease to make progress in higher level product.

Due to the rapid development of business, We have already established and served a nationwide network of sales and services with hundreds customers, including COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), the national aerospace Bureau of China, Ministry of transport of the PRC, the PRC Air Force, various universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We constantly maintains close and long-term relationships with the best research institutes and enterprises of China and abroad, dealing with modeling and simulation technologies, and aims to provide the best solutions to the modeling techniques on advanced level. 



CnTech Building, No. 1005, Jiuxing Highway, Lingang Songjiang Sci-Tech City, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China, Zip: 201615


Phone: +86 18817570024
  +86 19921090304
Service hotline: 400 888 5100
E-mail cnfsimulator@gmail.com


Bin Wu

Bin Wu

Chief Scientist

Yulin Shi

Yulin Shi

Senior Engineer

Pengnian Tong

Pengnian Tong


CALL US TODAY  +8618817570024

Client’s Feedback


XXX airline, Middle East

This is a good trainer for our pilot cadet to get ATPL,especially the navigation part. .


XXX flight center, Poland

Super clean wire comes from the professtional attitude and strict quailty contral. I am impressed by what we see, who we met and what we bought in CnTech .

Dr. Dong

COMAC, China

This company is well orgnised and has a highly especialiesed team for simualtor. Thanks to their effort and product, we are making progressing in upgrading our own aircraft design.

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