CNFSimulator.A320 Structural components

Rudder Pedal

The CNFSimulator.A320 Rudder Pedal is an important part of CNFSimulator.A320 flight simulator and highlighted as “designed for high fidelity touch and heavy daily use”. Our rudder pedal set includes both the capital and the first officer sides with link bar and mechanical accessories.
All metal design, machined components mean accurate appearance and long term use. Accurate appearance and touch ensure CNFSimulator.A320 Rudder Pedal blends perfectly into Professional or High End Enthusiast applications.

• Single Side also available
• Cast Metal Foot Pedals
• Laser-cut Metal Structure
• No Platform Required ( Put On Floor Directly)
• Spring Loaded Design Makes Position Adjustable
• Dual-linked Design 
• USB Included And Prewired
• Functional Differential Brake
• Functional Foot Rests With Rubber Inlays


The CNFSimulator. A320 Sidesticks for CNFSimulator.A320 flight simulator are designed for simulators requiring a high degree of fidelity and robustness. 3D print handle, Laser cut components, precision machining, control loading spring and professionally molded components make for a super high level construction. The CNFSimulator.A320 suites is installed and included for true USB/Plug and Play capability. The Sidestick control loading system is designed to replicate the real aircraft part modelled. Available in Captain or First Officer versions.

Throttle Quadrant

Our iFSim A320 Throttle Quadrant for iFSim Airbus A320 flight simulator is a full-size replica of real A320 throttle quadrant. It is Complete assembled and well-tested device with well-painted acrylic surface and glass fiber reinforced plastics lever. It will make great contribution to simbuilder to create an high immersion level A320 simulator.
– USB controller
–Control loading
– Fully back lighted
– Hard feel detents
– Trim aircraft manually by encoder on trim wheels allows
– Motorized Trim wheels,
– 1:1 A320 Engine start switches,
– Setup Easly

Power supply needed:
– 12V DC(yellow BKLT) or 15V(warm white BKLT) DC for back light,
– 12V DC for controller,
– 24V DC for stepper motor.
Power supply set is not included.


Our Airbus A320 tillers for A320 flight simulator are well designed as the real ones. The tillers contains 3D-print grab handle, laser-cut metal strcture and spring damping system, which makes sure the operator feels the same as they do on a real aircraft when they use it.

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