We value our partners as much as we value our customers. Our partners are the true driving force that makes our products real. Recently, on March 30th, CnTech hosted a partner conference to share the progress achieved and to discuss about the future plans to widen the market share. Partners who have already collaborated with the CnTech joined the partner conference along with many potential partners. More than 50 potential partners joined the event making it a success and proving the positive reputation of CnTech within the industry.

Our top-notch flight simulators have been the order winner for the company during the past years. Having said that, we do not stop there! An Omni-channel develop program is used to attract customers in each and every mean. Quality and integrity of our products will always boast the name CnTech above the rivals, but we pay our attention to maintain the top position through a well-structured Omni-channel trend. During the partner conference, we demonstrated the future of CnTech with these Omni-channel trend and how it is going to improve the sales of flight simulators. It was a promise to the already joined partners who are willing the success of CnTech and a good point to attract new potential partners by building their trust towards the company.

CEO of the imitation, Larry Liang speaking at the partner conference introduced the Chinese imitation enterprise and the importance of flight simulation within the imitation industry. Further he discussed about the responsibilities of partners and how they should contribute to make an ultimate product that meets the all global standards. He explained about the capabilities of CnTech crew to design and manufacture any kind of flight simulator. A320, B737, C919, IL-76, F-35, Su-25, Cessna172 and Bell206 are some flight simulators rolled out from the CnTech factory. Best thing is, we do have the capabilities to design and manufacture new types of flight simulators for the custom models.

CNFSimulators are the heart of CnTech simulator manufacturing section. In the past few years CNFSimulator has reached a well stablished position in both local and global markets. CNFSimulator.A320 V4.2 was a flagship model specially designed by our engineers and designers to match the requirements of pilot training institutes for the global requirement of pilots in the upcoming 10 years of period. Special attention was given to this simulator during the partner conference and many partners admit the fact that CNFSimulators are having the ability to compete with world’s best simulator manufacturers.

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