The Belt and Road initiative

CnTech, the Chinese intelligent manufacturing business card running on "the Belt and Road initiative"

With the advancement of “the Belt and Road initiative”, CnTech, which took the lead in globalization layout, has ushered in broad development opportunities, and our exploration of globalization strategic and pattern is also accelerating. Up to now, CnTech’s business has been covering Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and other places, deepening localization strategy in half of the world, to provide global users with turn-key solutions of high level flight simulators and training devices which can meet local aviation administration’s qualification.

In the guidance of Research, Production and Marketing of the trinity international strategy, CnTech develops from our user’s perspective, keeping innovation, following the age and national policy, adjusting measures to local conditions. CnTech has accumulated rich experience in flight test, simulation modeling, avionics development, hardware design, system integration and flight simulator certification. CNFSimulator own the technology with independent intellectual property rights. CnTech orient market demand and overcome difficults, to creating high level of flight simulator product. The standard product of CNFSimulator can meet FAA, EASA and CAAC standards. Since some national aviation administrations have formulated a set of local airworthiness standards for domestic flight training equipment, CNFSimulator can customize flight training device that meets local airworthiness standards according to user needs. No matter in product or innovation mode, CnTech has become the representative of Chinese flight simulation industry export, and we will become one of the Chinese leading brands on “the Belt and Road initiative”.

In response to the “the Belt and Road initiative” national strategy, CnTech have provided corresponding preferential policies for the sales of flight simulators in countries along the belt and road, including exclusive discounts and friendly payment methods.

If you are interested in our “the Belt and Road initiative” preferential policies, please contact:

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Client’s Feedback


Airline, Middle East

This is a good trainer for our pilot cadet to get ATPL,especially the navigation part. .


Flight Training Center, Poland

Super clean wire comes from the professtional attitude and strict quailty contral. I am impressed by what we see, who we met and what we bought in CnTech .

Dr. Dong

COMAC, China

This company is well orgnised and has a highly especialiesed team for simualtor. Thanks to their effort and product, we are making progressing in upgrading our own aircraft design.

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