On the afternoon of May 22, 2020, a Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK8303 Airbus A320 crashed in Model Colony during landing. We run a simulation of the crash through the CNFSimulator.A320 flight simulator by iFSim® A320 V5.8 software. In which all relevant flight data were obtained from internet.

The last conversation in the cockpit, before the PIA flight crash in Karachi:

PK8303: We are comfortable we can make it

We are comfortable now and we are out of 3500 feet for 3000 feet, established ILS 25L

OPKC: Roger, turn left heading 180

PK8303: But we are established ILS 25L

OPKC: Pakistan 8303 cleared to land 25 left

PK8303: Roger, Pakistan 8303

Pakistan 8303, going around

OPKC: Pakistan 8303 report reaching altitude 3500 feet

PK8303: Pakistan 8303, we would like to… come again for ILS25L

OPKC: Roger, turn left heading 110 climb 3000 feet

PK8303: Left heading 1…

OPKC: Affirm, left heading 110 climb 3000 feet

PK8303: 110, Climb 3000 feet Pakistan 8303

OPKC: Pakistan 8303 you are passing altitude 2000 feet

PK8303: We have… just give me 2000 feet

OPKC: Roger, maintain 2000 feet

Pakistan 8303 Mode Charlie showing 1800 feet and descending

PK8303: Copy, we are now maintaining, trying to maintain

OPKC: Pakistan 8303 Approach

PK8303: Jee sir

OPKC: […]  Appear to be turning left?

PK8303: We are proceeding direct sir we have lost engines

OPKC: Confirm you are going for a belly landing?

Any runway available to land on 25

PK8303: Roger

Mayday Mayday Mayday Pakistan 8303

OPKC: Pakistan 8303 roger, sir both runways available to land

End of audio record, the aircraft crashed in residential area just short of runway 25L while turning to final

Pakistan PK8303 crash simulation video_CNFSimulator.A320 flgiht simulator

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