iFSim.C172 Flight Simulator Software Solution

iFSim.C172 Flight Simulator Software

iFSim.C172 flight simulator solution provided by iFSim® is a software and hardware Integration solution for the professional flight simulation. iFSim® provides excellent quality and unique durability products to enhance your MCC, SOP, JOC courses. With this innovative solution, customers can reduce time and cost when establishing a training center.

All the component is designed by iFSim® and the software platform runs on several computers. The ATA system is the core module of software. iFSim,C172 can connect with the current popular visual system (Microsoft® Flight Simulator™ 10, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®) and hardware designed by iFSim® or 3rd party company.

Brief Summary:

iFSim.C172 ATA System: Simulating modules of the aircraft and connect with the hardware and visual system by the interface layer which can be designed for the custom to support 3rd party hardware. IOS (Instructor Operating Station) and CMS (Config Management System) can access the ATA system for debugging and configuration.

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