CNFSimulator.FMS Trainer

Flight Management Trainer

Flight Management System Trainer (FMS Trainer) is a new generation desktop training equipment fully developed by the professional Flight Simulator manufacturer——CnTech

The CNFSimulator.FMS Trainer provides a modular and lightweight flight training solution.The software is identical to those required by FAA FTD5 and FNPT II MCC trainers, and it can run on a regular Windows personal laptop or combine hardware suites to create a more realistic training environment.

With the development of the aviation electronic technology, integrated and intelligent control of the plane is inquired. Flight crew in the cockpit need to deal with a lot of information, such as air traffic around the aircraft situational awareness information, the information integration in the cockpit and display on the comprehensive displayer. The main operation of aircraft was concentrated in the multi-function control unit and the flight control unit. Flexible operation,dense information processing ability of flight crew put forward unprecedented challenges, flight crew need to fully understand these intelligent systems, to ensure the skilled operation, reduce the workload on the flight, improve flight safety.

CNFSimulator.FMS Trainer

The FMS Trainer can be used to be familiar with MCDU operation, automatic flight system and instrument approach procedures.Flight management and automatic flight system, including flight guidance, flight plan, navigation management, performance prediction and other functions, is the core of the cockpit and flight operation. Its complexity is not only daunting for beginners, but many unsafe incidents caused by unfamiliar automation equipment still occur in the actual flight operation.Therefore, we designed and developed the FMS TRAINER together with senior instructors of the flight training center and optimized the aircraft training course, providing students, trainees, pilots and professional enthusiasts with a low-cost, university-level training technology.

CNFSimulator.FMS Trainer can run on a computer including the MCDU, FCU, EFIS, PFD, ND and console module. The user can running special training anytime and anywhere, rather than stay in the reading difficult manual, or just understand the courseware, which will lead to greatly improve the training effect, and save the training time; The corresponding training component, compared with other training equipment, has portability, reliability and ease maintenance, and extremely low operating cost, which makes the course design more flexible and significantly reduces the training cost. It is particularly suitable for the user environment where face-to-face teaching cannot be carry out due to the impact of the Covid-19.

CNFSimulator.FMS Trainer is independently developed by CnTech and currently supports the training of Airbus A320 family aircraft. Boeing B737 family aircraft training equipment will be launched soon.We will also provide schools with G1000 trainers for teaching, which are superior in high fidelity than FAA FTD 5 in display screen, operation logic, flight management, navigation map and other aspects. We will also launch a VR learning system for C919 aircraft, which can be used to recognize, understand and learn the cockpit, avionics and flight operations of C919 aircraft.


  •  Professional software, consistent with FAA FTD 5 and EASA FNPT II MCC trainer software, high fidelity;
  • Able to runs on a Windows laptop, learning and training can be carried out regardless of place and time constraints, and no face-to-face communication is required;
  • Easy to operate, one button start/pause, interactive interface design for special training;
  • Optional installation of FCU, EFIS, MCDU, side stick, throttle and other hardware equipment, support visual display, optional professional instructor operation station(IOS);
  • High reliability of hardware and software design, no operation and maintenance costs;
  • Constantly upgrade and design improvement by professional team, and continue to provide users with more convenient functions and extension modules.


The CNFSimulator.FMS Trainer is used for school course teaching, daily practice for professional pilots, and self-learning for flight fans, including:

  • FMS proficiency training for full flight (approach/departure, route, approach procedures, flight phase and flight profile management);
  • Familiarity with automatic flight system (FMA Skip Logic, FCU Selective Operation and MCDU Management Instructions);
  • Instrument approach procedure based on raw data (ILS, VOR, NDB);
  • Automatic coupled approach procedures in management mode (RNP-APCH, ILS, VOR);
  • Demonstration of Flying by Wire (optional hardware).


  • Reasonable modular tailoring allows users to focus on specific training without having to get to complex aircraft systems or fly manually;
  • Can upgrade the navigation database, support various instrument program, to help users familiar with the operation characteristics of different airport and regional operation standard;
  • Multiple gradient of automation capabilities, from artificial flight, the original data navigation, PBN operation to the full automatic landing;
  • Complete aerodynamic model and performance simulation, support demonstrate artificial flight and flight insurance protection function under the laws of Flying by Wire;
  • Able to pause the training process, convenient and easy reference manual, procedures, chart, and able to timely make the faculty evaluations.


The following configuration can be selected from CnTech, or users purchase with CnTech’s technical support:

  • Microsoft MSFS2020, or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D;
  • Touching display, instead of mouse and keyboard operation;
  • High performance computer and curved display for installation of flight simulation software;
  • High fidelity Joystick, Rudder Pedal and Throttle.

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