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CNFSimulator.AATD (hereinafter referred to as AATD) is an Advanced Aviation Training Device which is based on Cessna172/Cessna182/Diamond DA40/Diamond DA42. The AATD adopts CnTech’s advanced flight control software, graphics system and electromechanical integration system, conform to the FAA ADVANCED AVIATION TRAINING DEVICE (AATD) standards..
  • AATD can simulate G1000 integrated avionics system, supporting flight management system and PBN operation;

  • AATD can be switched between Cessna172, Cessna182, Diamond DA40 and Diamond DA42 to cover various types of aircraft and training at a lower cost;

  • The visual system can accurately simulate the terrain, airport, weather, lighting and other visual information;

  • On the Instructor Operation Station, training elements such as aircraft configuration, environment and failure can be configured. Combining with the customized airport and training management system, our solution can meet flexible and diverse training needs, and reduce the gradient from simulator training to flight operation.

Based on CnTech experience and technology in flight simulation and aviation training, the CNFSimulator.AATD is ready to become an important part of your training mission.

CNFSimulator.AATD flight simulator

Functional Advantage

  • G1000 integrated avionics system

  • Multi-model adaptation

  • HD visual system

  • High reliability and easy maintenance, low operating cost

Training Course

  • Visual flight

  • Aircraft systems and operating procedures

  • Instrument flight

  • Instrument approach procedure


  • Private Pilot Licence/ Instrument training

  • Navigation and Communication training

  • Familiar with flight principles

  • Crosscountry flight training


  • Localized technical services support

  • 24/7 after sales service on standby

  • Customized services

Technical Feature

AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) consists of avionics system, control system, visual system, instructor operation station system, flight seat, audio system, computer system, etc.

Avionics System

The avionics system is composed of avionics panel, G1000 integrated avionics panel and integrated standby instrument. It adopts modular design and develops adaption according to different models. Each panel can be installed or disassembled separately, which is convenient for maintenance.

Avionics Panel

Avionics panel is suitable for a variety of models, and integrates avionics switch, knobs, throttle handle, pitch handle and mixing ratio control handle of each model. The operating logic of the system is consistent with that of the real aircraft.

G1000 Integrated Avionics Panel

G1000 integrated avionics panel is composed of PFD, MFD, audio control panel, display screen brightness adjustable.Instrument display, button operation and control logic are consistent with the real aircraft.

Integrated Standby Instrument

The integrated standby instrument displays flight parameters such as altitude, airspeed, attitude and magnetic navigation.

We also provide flap indicator, landing gear indicator, elevator indicator and rudder indicator for different types of aircraft

Control System

The control system is independently developed by CnTech. It is compact, reliable and easy to maintain. It can give appropriate force feedback in flight.


The joystick is high level simulation device and has the function of automatic return. The balancing dial switch, talking switch and the disconnecting autopilot switch are installed on the upper left of the operating lever to realize the functions of communication, balancing and disconnecting autopilot.

Rudder Pedal

The rudder pedal adopts the modular design, and has the function of automatic return to the center, and rudder operation and brake in the same way as the real machine.

Visual System

The multi-channel display is driven by an advanced graphics engine, which can realistically present the complex and changeable environmental factors in operation, such as terrain, buildings, runway, airport, night scene, lighting, weather and visibility.

Instructor Operating Station

Instructor Operating Station is used to configure various training elements (aircraft, airport, weather, fault, etc.) in flight training, set up training stages (cockpit preparation, takeoff, approach and landing), monitor flight parameters and flight profile, and establish communication with pilots through aviation headphones and microphones.

YouPilot Seat

The flight seat is fixed on the AATD base, which can be adjusted up and down, left and right for users with different heights and flight habits.

Audio system

The Hi-Fi audio system can simulate engine, flaps, fuel pump, alarm, precipitation, wind noise, grounding, road friction and other sound from different flight stages based on the pilot’s operation or external environment.

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